Jayamangala provides students with training in the Pandanallur/Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam. Originating in South India, Bharatanatyam is a temple dance form that integrates footwork, gestures, facial expressions, and theatre-drama to tell stories of gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology.

Beginner classes focus on techniques, such as learning basic units of Bharatanatyam (adavus), introducing the concept of araimandi, hastas, posture, and strong footwork. Towards the end of the beginner level, students will learn simple dances, such as Pushpanjali and Alarippu.

Intermediate level classes place emphasis on strengthening adavus, basics of expression (bhava), and understanding rhythmic patterns (jatis). Students at this level start learning slightly more complex items, such as Jatiswaram, Shabdam, and simple padams.

Advanced level instruction carries students into a more in-depth knowledge of rhythm and expression preparing them to become mature dancers. They are now ready to learn complicated pieces, such as Thillana and Varnam.

After several years of practice and training, students who have learned a complete repertoire (margam) will then begin preparing for their solo debut performance (Arangetram), which symbolizes their transition from student to professional performer. Although this is commonly misunderstood as a graduation performance, it is noteworthy that Bharatanatyam is a lifelong penance that requires total dedication from the student, family, and teacher.

All our batches are full and we are currently not taking any new registrations for dance classes.