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“Navagraha struck a pleasing balance between pushing boundaries and drawing inspiration from the strength of the classical tradition.”

DC Dance Journalism Review of “Navagraha”, March 2020

“The dancers captured each and every nuance of emotion – surprise, horror and happiness to name a few, with a graceful lift of their delicate eyebrows, a head tilt, lips curled up for a smile and almond-shaped eyes darting in unison.”

Team Jayamangala performs at the Swathi Tirunal Festival in USA (October 2018)

“Shobha Subramanian and Aishwarya Subramanian were a treat to watch together. Their attention to detail and the focus on the beat was impeccable. They maintained perfect symmetry and the deliberateness in their eye and eyebrow movements was testament to their years of practice.”

Narthaki Review of “Devi: An Ode to Goddess (October 2017)

“Ms. Shobha as a teacher, is what one would call, “PERFECTION WITHOUT PRESSURE”. Since she maintains very high quality in her own performances, she imparts the same standards in her students.”

Review of Jayamangala’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations (August 2016)

“Shobha Subramanian, Dance Director of Jayamangala brought together the local Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi teachers and their daughters to explore what made these women [Pancha Kanya] so extraordinary.”

“Celebrating 25 Years of Jayamangala Anniversary Celebrations” Report by Madhavi Reddi (July 2016)

Urban Asian Interview with Shobha Subramanian: 25 Years of Jayamangala (July 2016)

Jayamangala performs at Reston Multicultural Festival (Oct 2014)

Baltimore Sun Interview about “Navgathi” at Atlas Intersections Festival (February 2014)

Mohiniattam by Shobha and Aishwarya Subramanian at Swaranjali Festival, Gurgaon (January 2014)

Mohiniattam by Shobha Subramanian at Bharat Nrithyotsav, Visakhapatnam (January 2014)

Jayamangala presents “Navgathi – New Directions” in Lusaka, Zambia (March 2013)

“Using theatre as a social tool for women’s progress in life, the ancient play takes on a new meaning with its contemporary relevance.”

Zambia Post Writeup about “Shakuntala”, an original Jayamangala production (February 2011)

“‘Comptemporizing Natya’ by Jayamangla was a treat to watch. The Jayamangala performance skillfully presented how a classical dance could be adapted to contemporary music and lyrics that effectively connect with the audience.”

Narthaki Review of Jayamangala’s “Natya” Dance Conference (March 2009)

“Maryland was privileged to have its first Dance Conference organized by Shobha Subramaniam and the elite Jayamangala, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, propagating and preserving traditional Indian arts.”

Narthaki Review of Jayamangala’s “Pravaah: The Flow” Dance Conference (March 2007)

Jayamangala performs at Salisbury Salisbury State University (April 2001)

Review of Jayamangala by Washington Post